The Kleinschmeckerei is open Tue-Sat from 6 PM to 11 PM.
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kleinschmeckerei stuttgart steak restaurant

Kleinschmeckerei Stuttgart

Finest Premium Cuts

No need to learn all the cut of beefs – let us cook for you while you spend your time with meeting friends, family or colleagues and relish premium cuts. At Kleinschmeckerei guests will be offered a unique location full of warmth in exclusive small space. However, big is the standard of our service and quality of meat cuts.

Best Steaks in Stuttgart

Hanging Tender, Trip Tip, Short Ribs, Tomahawk and Chateau Briand – the best is yet to come. Discover premium cuts alongside with selected wines and beers and enjoy a unique evening with our team at Kleinschmeckerei in Stuttgart.

We’re happy to welcome you!

Meat + more: welcome, you gourmets and better eaters

Meat is not just meat. We agree on that. The “Kleinschmeckerei” will turn your head when it comes to beef. Simply due to the special way of preparation and the high level of expertise that makes the difference when selecting the types and individual parts. On the plate, this means: meat that will make your mouth water – until later in your dreams.

We only want the best for you and your taste buds. That is why we look beyond the German horizon and graze the pastures of the world for the best meat products. When it comes to ingredients and side dishes, we mostly cook according to the season and pay attention to regionality.

tomato | butternut pumpkin | peanut | sour cherry
€ 17

Slightly Seasoned Tartar
Galicia beef | bread Sardinian style | blood orange | aubergine | dried fig | scamorza
€ 23

Stained duck breast “Winter Forest”
honey bread soil | quince jelly | herbal dust | German brown bread | orange
€ 19

Cream of black salsify soup
oxtail praline | spiced olive oil
€ 11

Braised wild boar
wild mushrooms | horseradish rutabaga puree | lingonberry jus
€ 32

Deer back
black salsify | Brussels sprouts | Black Forest bacon | licorice jus
€ 38

Crustacean sauce | Tarragon Oil | Pearl barley risotto | Seasonal vegetables
€ 44 

Vegetarian Pasta
Linguine pasta | truffles | Pecorino cheese
€ 28

Pasta with additional fresh truffles or beef stripes
€ 36


Chef’s Choice
Let’s take a tour through our special and premium cuts: We will serve you three different cuts with some sides. For hungry “no clue what to eat” ones.
Short Rib | Hanging Tender | Cheek
€ 59

Chateaubriand from Husum Beef, ca. 550g | € 149
Tomahawk Steak, ca. 1200g | € 139

Take your time, such a piece of meat will not be ready in a few minutes. Enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious starter.
Got everything or how do you want to spend your time whilst waiting?

US Hanging Tender, ca. 250g  | € 45
Inside Skirt Dry Aged | € 42

You might choose two sides per person for our special and premium cuts as follows:
Parsnip-truffle Mash | Cabbage

Shared happiness is double happiness. That is why we recommend our sharing menu from 2 people.
The best of all cuts, in the middle of the table. In addition: sauces and side dishes as you like it best.

Chiboust cuts
orange | curd | Tonka bean
€ 9

Tarte Tatin
puff pastry | apples from the Lake of Constance | vanilla
€ 9